New Parts

New Product Announcement for Mark 1 Ruby

Leaky, tatty rear window surround on your Mark 1 Ruby? Due to production delays, these will now not be available until mid-Spring 2019, our new rear window frames will help.

Please contact us for details.

We produce and supply our own newly-manufactured Austin Seven spares. If there is something that you need, but cannot find, then just ask as we can produce limited runs and one-off items to order at competitive prices.

Our current range of new Austin Seven spares includes:

  • Double front shock absorbers – reduce body roll, improve handling and comfort. Fitted in minutes without modification to your car. Unobtrusive and almost unnoticeable
  • Bonnet catches
  • Aluminium tappet covers with o-ring seals
  • Heavy-duty sump washers
  • Aluminium damper links – machined from billet
  • Petrol tank supports for Nippy and Type 65
  • Battery tray for Ulsters and Specials
  • Rear squab support for Chummy

Made to Order Parts

This is just a small sample of our products. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please contact us. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and can produce one-off and special components to order.

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