Ruby Body Panels and Parts

New Product Announcement for Mark 1 Ruby

Leaky, tatty rear window surround on your Mark 1 Ruby? Due to production delays, these will now not be available until mid-Spring 2019, our new rear window frames will help.

Please contact us for details.



Our range of Ruby Body Panels and Parts is expanding rapidly. If an item is listed as “Not Available”, please contact us. We are adding new products to our range all of the time.

Prices correct at time of publication (2nd March 2018), but subject to change without notice.

Please Note: Revised Prices from 2nd March 2018

New Austin 7 Ruby Body Parts For Sale

New Austin 7 Ruby Body Parts For Sale

  PricedN/S O/S Available
R2Battery Box/Tool BoxEach110Y
R3Lids and Hinges - for aboveEach65Y
R4Sliding Roof PanelEach135Y
R5Sliding Roof railsEach110N
R6Side Window Drip Channel Each50Y
R7Radiator Side PanelsPairY45Y
R8Radiator Bottom Panel - (MK1/RAD - MK2/RAD)Each60Y
R9Seat Support Box - MK1/MK2EachMK1=150
R10Rear Panel (under seat) Each150N
R11Running Boards EachY40Y
R12Spare Wheel WellEachSeparate parts available185N
R14Spare Wheel PanelEachN
R15Window Surround MK1EachYN
R16Door Top Trim - (MK1)EachY50Y
R17Side SillEachYPOAY
R18Clamp Plate - (sliding roof)Each15N
R19Inner Wheel ArchesEachY100N
R20Seat EachN
R21Body Side Panel - (front)Each140N
R22MK1 Rear WindowEach150N
R25Front Valance - (between wings)Each100Y
R27Floor ExtensionEachN
R28Wing Stay to Headlight - (under wing- pressing only)Each25Y
R29Van CornerEachN
R30Quarter Panel FlangeEachN
R35Drip Rail - (ALI)Pair80Y
R36Bonnet Catches (Set of 4)Set80Y
R37Window Winder to glass channel - (front)Each12Y
R38Window Winder to glass channel - (rear)Each12Y
R39 (NS)Side Plate N/S - (engine to flitch plate)Each25N
R39 (OS)Side Plate O/S - (engine to flitch plate)Each25N
R40Drivers Floor Part (Fixes to Gearbox Cover)Each20Y
R41Front Floor Cover (with Cut outs For PedalsEach25Y
R43Van Number Plate (Wider Part Along Top)Each15Y
R44Van Number Plate (Pointed Ends)Each20Y
R45Rear ValanceEach100N
R46Chassis Cross MemberEachN
R47Door Pillar Trim (Inside of Trafficators)EachY30Y
R48Bumper Irons (Front)SetN
R49Bumper Irons (Rear)SetN
R50Side Cill Floor PanEachPOAY
R51Tunnel PartsEachN
R52Rear QuarterEachN
R54"B" PostEachN
R55Floor Fillet /Spring CoverEach40Y
R56"B" post Stiffener by Spring CoverEach30Y
R57Rear Corner StiffenerEachPOAY
R58Front Bumper Horseshoe BracketEachN
R59Spare wheel clampEachN
R60Battery ClampEachN
R61Fuel Filler Tube ClampEachN
R62Door Check BracketsEachN
R63Front Wing BracketEachN
R64Top Angle for Front of Rear seat Each20Y
R65Window Winder CoverEach25Y
R67Floor Upright RearEachY45Y
R68Bonnet RailEach
R69Tunnel Side Rear - Under Rear FloorEachY
R70Cowl To flitch PanelEachY
R71Rad Mtg Bracket For AboveEachY
R72Fuel Tank Mounting BracketSet

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