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Mechanical, chassis and suspension parts For austin sevens


Oxfordshire Sevens prides itself on manufacturing a wide range of top quality components for the bodywork, chassis, running gear and engines of Austin Sevens. Wherever appropriate, our parts have been re-engineered using modern materials and methods, often with subtle changes to the design to improve the effectiveness and longevity of the parts. However, all of our spares are a direct replacement, with dimensions and specifications being taken from the original factory drawings wherever possible.

All of our parts are backed by a money-back guarantee in addition to the usual statutory rights: if it does not fit or you dislike it, return it intact and undamaged for a full refund.

Call 07743 263791 or use the contact form to order, request bespoke parts, clarify details or discuss trade orders.




Price Excluding P&P

Aluminium Tappet Cover

Machined from HE30 aluminium billet and supplied with rubber o-rings.

Aluminium Tappet Cover for Austin 7 - Oxfordshire Sevens


Aluminium Front Pulley

Machined from HE30 aluminium billet..

Aluminium Front Pulley for Austin 7 - Oxfordshire Sevens


Double Front Shock Absorber

Improves handling. Direct replacement for original. Powder coated for durability.

Double Front Damper for Austin 7 - Oxfordshire Sevens


Rear Damper Upgrade

Upgraded friction discs, new star spring washers and bolts. Improves performance of orginal rear dampers.

Rear Damper Upgrade Kit for Austin Seven - Oxfordshire Sevens

£30.00 a pair

Short Front Link

Machined from HE30 aluminium. When fitted with new bushes, removes slop, quietens suspension and improves handling. Available with or without bushes.

Aluminium Short Front Drop Links for Ausitn 7 - Oxfordshire Sevens

With bushes £12.00

Without bushes £8.00

Bonnet Hooks

Fits all  models of Seven. Supplied unpainted.

Bonnet Hook for Austin 7 - Oxfordshire Sevens

£10.00 each

Nippy Body Support

Supplied primered.

Austin Nippy Body Support - Oxfordshire Sevens

£5.00 each

Chummy Rear Seat Support

Supplied primered.

Austin Chummy Rear Seat Support - Oxfordshire Sevens

£4.00 each

Battery Tray

Different models available.

Pictures coming soon.


Cow Horns

Fit all models.

Pictures coming soon.


Heavy Duty Sump Washers

Full set of 14. Reduces leaks from around the sump.

Pictures coming soon.

£3.00 for a set

Glazing Support

The channel in which the side windows sit and which connect to the window winder mechanism. Fits Box saloon and Ruby front and rear.

Pictures coming soon.


Twin Leading Shoe Brake Conversion

Converts existing cable system to twin leading shoe operation. Improves braking performance, using exisitng components at minimum cost..

Pcitures coming soon.