Box Saloon Body Panels and Parts

Our range of Box Saloon Body Panels and Parts is expanding rapidly. If an item is not listed, please contact us. We are adding new products to our range all of the time.

Prices correct at time of publication (27th May 2019), but subject to change without notice.

Please Note: Revised Prices from 27th May 2019

New Austin 7 Box Saloon Body Parts For Sale

New Austin 7 Box Saloon Body Parts For Sale

  PricedN/S O/S Available
B3Roof Panel Front (wiper cut out)Each75Y
B5Body Side Repair - LowerEachY40Y
B7Door Trim - TopEach25Y
B9Tunnel Cover PanelEach12Y
B10Inner Wheel ArchEachY80Y
B11Spare Wheel Carrier - with studs and nuts - deepEach95Y
B12Spare Wheel Carrier - with studs and nuts - thinEach95Y
B13(RN/RP)Running Boards (RN/RP) - FoldedEachY65Y
B13(RK)Running Boards (RK) - FlatEachY60Y
B14(Main)Side Sills (Main Section straight)Each90Y
B14(Front)Side Sills (Front Section)EachY25Y
B15Floor Panel - No Tunnel - No Rear UpstandEachY90Y
B16Side Sill Rear (Stiffener to Inner Wheel Arch)EachY40Y
B19Windscreen Trim InteriorEach35Y
B21Spare Wheel Carrier StiffenerEach20Y
B22Spare Wheel Carrier Repair PanelEach15Y
B23Wing Stay PressingEach20Y
B24 ABattery BoxEach45Y
B24 BBattery Box + 3/4"Each46.50Y
B25Sliding Roof Clamp PlateEach12Y
B26Rear Tunnel (Under Seat)Each40Y
B27Rear Floor (Under Seat)EachY40Y
B28Under Rear Tunnel StiffenerY55Y
B29Rear Floor to Chassis Extension Bracket15Y
B31(NS)Side Plate N/S - (engine to flitch plate)Each25Y
B31(OS)Side Plate O/S - (engine to flitch plate)Each25Y
B32Transmission Cover - (with handbrake slot)Each45Y
B34Drip Rails/AluminumPairY65Y
B38Lower Body Repair PanelEachY40Y
B39Front Flitch PanelEachY40Y
B41Door Panel Window Winder CoverEach18Y
B45Glove Box - RL-RN Each20Y
B46Glove Box - RPEach40Y
B47Cant Rail - (above door)EachY35Y
B48Bonnet CatchesEachCommon parts15Y
B49Cow Horns (Pair)Pair40Y
B50Clip For Tunnel Lubrication PanelEachCommon parts3Y
B51 Window Winder To Glass ChannelEach12Y
B52Hinge for Top of WindscreenEach75Y
B53Bonnet RailEach30Y
B62Rear Footwell TrayEachY35Y
B65Rear Floor UpstandEachY20Y
B73Seat FramesEach26Y
B90Engine Side PlatesY25Y

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