Oxfordshire Sevens provide a comprehensive range of products and services for Austin Seven owners, from minor repairs to full restorations; from making bespoke components to production runs for the trade.

New Body Panels and other Parts

We manufacture a wide range of body panels for the Ruby, Box saloons and the Chummy, with a few items for the Nippy and Type 65. Some popular items are kept in stock, but many are produced to order due to the number of different products which we make. Our most popular items are shown on the product pages, but please contact us if you need something which is not listed.

    Our range includes:
  • Twin-arm front shock absorbers – reduce body roll, improve handling and comfort. Fitted in minutes without modification to your car. Unobtrusive and almost unnoticeable
  • Bonnet catches
  • Aluminium damper links – machined from billet
  • Battery tray for Ulsters and Specials

Engine Building and Tuning

Working with a handful of specialist engineering firms, we build engines suitable for pottering around country lanes through to competition-winning race cars. We use tuning modifications which have been tested and proven on a dynamometer. If requested, rebuilt engines can be tested before delivery to confirm the power developed.

Restoration and Rebuilds

We have rebuilt and restored many cars for customers, from those which need just minor attention through to cars which look like rusty sieves from the bottom of a ditch. We can do as much or as little of the job as the customer wishes, leaving the owner to complete the work which they can do themselves. This helps to manage the costs and gives the owner a real sense of involvement and pride.

UPDATE August 2023.

Currently, we have a large number of cars booked in for full or partial restorations and major surgery. We work on cars as quickly as we can, but to complete good quality work takes a long time. We are always interested in discussing new projects, but please be aware that we shall be unable to commit to any timescales for new work for some time.

Minor Repairs and Servicing

Not all cars need a full rebuild. Handling somewhat wayward? Running roughly? Poor starting? Often, all that is needed is a little love, attention and time. Oxfordshire Sevens are happy to advise how to overcome these problems, happily carrying out the work or providing the parts.

Cannot See what you Want or Need?

This is just a small sample of our products and services. If you cannot find what you are looking for, have an odd job which no one else will consider or just need some advice, then please contact us. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you to see whether we can help.