13th June 2024

Oxfordshire Sevens

Ian started working on Austin Sevens over fifteen years ago, in a corner of a workshop in Wooburn Green, becoming Oxfordshire Sevens after moving to Launton five years later. From those early days in the corner of a small workshop, working in the evenings and weekends, Oxfordshire Sevens has grown into a successful Austin Seven business restoring and repairing customers’ cars, manufacturing panels and parts for trade and retail and preparing successful race cars.

Keen to promote an interest in classic cars, Oxfordshire Sevens now has a small team of young, and not so young, enthusiasts.

A list of our key suppliers and specialist contacts can be found by clicking here.

The Oxfordshire Sevens Team

Petunia Peahen, the matriarch behind the business, surveying her realm. Petunia takes great pride in ensuring that everything is presented to impeccably high standards.      


Clara Cluck turning off a lead-lamp which someone carelessly left switched on, while her clutch of colleagues casts a beady eye over the work carried out so far.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Ian Tillman.
After an apprenticeship with Airflow Developments, Ian worked in the electronics, light engineering and sheet metal fabrication, producing parts for classic vehicles and fittings for film sets. A life-long interest in cars started with a decrepit Ford Anglia.                            

Steve’s first experience at Oxfordshire Sevens was as a customer, renting space and restoring his own black Ruby on site with guidance from Ian. He now works there, restoring, rebuilding and repairing the fiddly mechanical and electrical ancillaries and doing upholstery.              

Previous Employees  Oxfordshire Sevens are keen to encourage young enthusiasts and have employed "Saturday boys" and apprentices who have gone on to further careers. George now works for a Jaguar restoration specialists, James is working on Aston Martins, McKenzie works on modern Audis, Louie is in the Royal Navy and Joe has started an apprenticeship in repairing and maintaining bicycles.

Key Suppliers and Services

David Cochrane

A7 Components

Supplier of a wide range of good quality spares.

Martin Prior

Martin Prior & Son's Motor Works

Supplier of woodwork for Austin Sevens



Upholstery and trimming supplies

Matt Kelly

Coast Racing Services

Vapour and sand blasting of components

Jamie Rogerson

The Seven Workshop

Supplier of a wide range of good quality spares.

Simon Laxton


Vehicle upholsterers



01296 655885

High quality engine reconditioning and engineering services